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These past years so many crocheters have asked me about my crochet design inspiration. And I’ve seen so many make the mistake of not choosing a specific design style, because they simply like EVERYTHING and are afraid they will limit themselves. And that’s just backwards. So I am putting together a free challenge called ‘Find your unique crochet design style’, to help aspiring designers like you, start designing like a professional crochet designer!

I want to start designing like a professional crochet designer!

Do you ever scroll through Instagram, seeing all the beautiful and innovative crochet designs from the designers you LOVE and think to yourself, I wish I could be a professional crochet designer as well?

Do you have a book full of ideas, but it seems like your design style goes all over the place?

Do you long to begin your new and exciting crochet design journey, but every time you start with a new design you’re overwhelmed with all the possibilities? The design combinations are literally ENDLESS and choosing between them makes you feel stuck! So in the end you make something, but you don’t really like it. And you might even feel like you’re not good enough.

Or maybe one day, you do decide to go for it. You release your first crochet pattern. But the response is really underwhelming and you get discouraged. And worse yet, insecure.

Back in 2014 when I started designing I really didn’t know what I was doing. My designs were all over the place, because I simply liked EVERYTHING. I even tried to combine crochet, knitting and sewing… As a result, I didn’t have a lot of followers and people weren’t really making my designs.

I knew instinctively I needed a clearer DIRECTION. something to tie my designs together. I just didn’t know what it was.

Cue 2016. I had just read the book All the light we cannot see. THIS. WAS. IT. A combination of books and nature was THE KEY TO MY UNIQUE DESIGN STYLE.

With that book as my inspiration I designed the ever popular Hotel of Bees shawl and gave me the direction I so desperately needed.

It kickstarted my design career

That’s why I know: Determining your unique design style is the most effective way to create great crochet designs so people will buy your patterns time and time again!

NO! I am saying, determining YOUR unique crochet design style is the key to becoming a successful crochet designer.

Many beginning crochet designers have the core-belief that when they choose a specific design direction, they will limit their creativity, they think it sounds boring and they will only focus on what they CANNOT design anymore. And that is just backwards.

Because it’s actually the opposite.

I guarantee you your favorite designers don’t feel limited by their design options for a minute!

Consider this for a moment. What do all the most successful designers have in common? Whenever you see a photo of their crochet designs, you know exactly who has made what. THAT is the key factor to success for any crochet designer.


Because their crochet customers know what their favorite crochet designers’ style is, they know what to expect. As a result they follow them very loyally and will buy from them TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

I know from experience how anxious and vulnerable you can feel to put your work out there when you first start as a crochet designer. What you design is part of you after all…


As a recovering perfectionist I know it is hard to make choices. You want your design direction to be the ‘right’ one. You don’t want that little voice in your head telling you: ‘what if I pick a style and people won’t like it?’ I get it! I struggled for YEARS to develop my own crochet design style.


So why not give more direction to your design journey, spare yourself the insecurities because you know that deep down, THIS IS YOU. You ditch your so-so designs and start to design what you actually want. You 100% stand by what you make because it is great! And if people don’t like it, that’s their loss. Because you will create your own following, your loyal customer base that truly LOVES what you make.

Let’s face it, what you’ve been doing up till now has cost you a lot of time and energy as well. And it has left you with no result.

Even so, I know firsthand the time and energy of a working mom, or any working adult for that matter, is limited. That’s why I’ve created a 5-day challenge and made sure all the lessons are easy to follow and short but sweet! I’ll get right to the point and give you amazing tools you can implement in your design process immediately.

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SO! Today I am inviting you to make the one choice you won’t regret: sign up for my FREE challenge called ‘Find your unique crochet design style’. I’ve made it specifically to help aspiring designers like you, start designing like a professional crochet designer!


Do not think for one minute that because it’s free, it’s low value! Treat it like a 10.000 dollar program and you will:

  1. Make design decisions with great ease and believe me, the answers to your decisions are closer to you than you think
  2. Challenge your creativity
  3. Ditch your so-so ideas and start making what you actually want


… among many other things! And all of that in just 5 simple daily assignments.


Start your journey to become a professional crochet designer today by finding your own unique crochet design style <3

I want to design like a professional crochet designer!