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Mind of the Crochet Designer Podcast

Grab your hook and favorite WIP and let’s dive into the Mind of the Crochet Designer! In the podcast, I discuss a variety of subjects, such as the fear of copying other designers, how to get your designs seen (even without a big social media following) and that magical inspiration. 

You also get to listen in to interviews with other designers (upcoming and VERY established) and yarn brands. 

If you are an (aspiring) crochet designer, this podcast is for YOU! 

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Informative and inspiring

July 21, 2024

The podcasts so far (till eps 6) are very informative, Christina shares a lot of knowledge and experience about designing in a short and easy way. It’s a quick way to learn more about designing. Besides that the podcasts are also inspiring, there’s a little confidence boost in each of them. Definitely a great source for starting designers

Marieke, Solace in Stitches

Great advice and tips

July 1, 2024

I have enjoyed your podcasts (1-3). Lots of good advice and tips on all subjects. I am not usually one for podcasts as I have found they often ramble on and I lose interest. You kept them to the point tho and I could have listened for longer. I look forward to your next one😍


Would reccomend

June 28, 2024

I really enjoy listening to your podcast and your honest take on all things crochet.

It's Annemade

Loved listening and can not wait for the next one!

June 21, 2024

An informative Podcast for the modern crochet designer with an honest

review of life for Crochet designers right now. I really enjoyed

listening to this Podcast as I crocheted along, gaining many tip and

advice on how to improve my own crochet business in a world which feels

like social media is against the small individuals. Loved listening and

can not wait for the next one!